April 29 and April 30, 7pm. Jim Wise Theatre, NJIT Campus. $5 Admission

Starring Derek Badichek, Eric Campos, Lillian Garcia

Sam Glovin, Jalak Jani, Kyle Lewis, Jon Noto

Janelle Zapata & Randy Cordero

Who Am I by Rodney E. Reyes

Directed by Shawn Banerjee

Stage Managed by Ben Gerrish

This Production of Who Am I is presented by TAG (Theatre Arts Group)


The Rutgers-Newark NJIT federated theatre program affords students unique opportunities in theatre education. TAG, Theatre Arts Group, is a student lead organization attempting to expand these opportunities by providing a venue to learn more about theatre, auditioning, and the professional theatre world. We hope to give students more practical experience acting, directing, producing, and designing: allowing students to use their creative and logistical skills learned in the program in real applications. We rely on the faculty, staff, alumni, and professionals who give their time and experience to us in support. Our short terms goals include establishing three yearly shows; a fall, spring, and summer show. Our long term goals include incorporating as a state recognized non-profit organization and to be able to offer scholarships to deserving applicants.


Who Am I was written almost a decade ago and coincidentally for a TAG production while the playwright was attending college for his undergraduate degree in Theatre. Since then the play has gone through numerous changes, expanded upon the core concepts and conceits and has been read and performed by many talented actors and directors.

Who Am I Production History:

Bradley Hall Theatre, Newark, NJ. TAG. 2001.

Raw Theatre Space, NYC. Cuchipinoy Productions. 2002.

Abingdon Theatre, NYC. Cuchipinoy Productions. 2004.

The Gene Frankel Theatre, NYC. Cuchipinoy Productions. 2009.


Shawn Banerjee directed his first play at the age of 16. Flint by DH Houston was a resounding success in the small town both went to school in. Shawn then spent the majority of his theatre career working as a Stage Manager. His credits at the Rutgers-NJIT Theatre Program include, most recently, Autobahn with Louis Wells, The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon with Mario Corrales and Rodney E. Reyes of Cuchipinoy, Our Lady of 121st Street with Louis Wells, Urinetown with Dan Drew, Catastrophe with John Leigh IV, and Macbett with Dan Drew. He also worked with Glori Snow and Illusions on Suessical the Musical. This is his first show with TAG. He would like to thank God and Gretchen Suárez-Peña for getting him addicted to theatre, they will forever be his enablers.


Rodney E. Reyes is a playwright, actor, director, producer and filmmaker. He has written plays which have been produced in New York City notably at the Gene Frankel Theatre, Abingdon Theatre and Chashama. He has also directed in Montclair, NJ for Apricot Sky Productions including productions of “Curing Ron” and "The War at Dawn" both of which were produced at the American Theatre of Actors in NYC. He has also directed at the Looking Glass Theatre and Abingdon Theatre for Cuchipinoy Productions. Most recently he has co-directed the “Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon” for the Rutgers/NJIT Theatre program with Mario Corrales and Cuchipinoy Productions. He has also acted in numerous stage productions in NJ and NYC including two episodes of the "Ananda Lewis Show" doing improvisational work. He also co-produced, directed and wrote for the "12 Angry Women" showcase in NYC at 440 Studios. He is also a co-founding artistic director for the theatre company Cuchipinoy Productions with Mario Corrales, which has produced over 20 productions in NJ and NYC.

Recently his play "Anonymous" was part of the Planet Connections Festivity in June 2009 at 440 Studios and "Who Am I" which he co-directed and acted in at the Gene Frankel Theatre in March 2009.

Current Projects include directing a music video for a sketch comedy duo entitled "Cardiac Arrest". Assistant directed a short film entitled "Bench". Writing, directing and producing a short film "My Sw33t@$$ Roommate" adapted from his short play of the same name. Producing, writing, directing and acting in a comedy web series with Jonathan Weirich and Rachel Skrod entitled "Places Please" and is looking forward to writing a new full length play for Fall 2010.


Benjamin Gerrish is a graduating senior majoring in music at Rutgers-Newark. As a musician he focuses on the disciplines of classical voice training and classical guitar. He will be going on next year to pursue masters studies in the "Jazz History and Research" program at Rutgers-Newark. He performed as a musical theater actor in highschool, but stage-managing Who Am I is his first look at the technical side of things. The experience has been very enjoyable from beginning to end.